Date night!


It’s been my pleasure to specialize in working with couples and poly partnerships of all sexual and gender orientations for the better part of my career. Whether you’re interested in consultation or hands-on instruction, looking to get needs met in a two-top or two-bottom relationship, or simply want to treat yourself to a decadent ritual play experience, I love the dynamic of working with partners to help you explore and celebrate your love of kink.

I offer three different levels of experience for couples and poly partnerships:

Kink Consultation offers an opportunity to talk about your interests in kink, develop resources, set and meet kinky goals, and trouble shoot problem areas.

Hands-on instruction provides customized skills and safety training to help you start your journey into kink or take your play to the next level.

Ritual play gives you and your partner(s) the chance to dive deep into experiential BDSM. I enjoy co-topping with dominant partners or topping multiple submissives, and customize every ritual play experience to the desires and boundaries of those I’m playing with.

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