Oopsie Daisy!


Many submissives experience a loss of control, erotic embarrassment, and vulnerability through diapering that is unparalleled by any other sort of play. There’s such symbolic significance in the image of a strong woman leaning over you, with a bright shiny diaper pin held between her teeth as she fastens you into an apparatus that deprives you of your maturity, your agency, your self-determination.

If you’ve harbored fantasies about submission in diapers, I offer some extraordinary equipment and can introduce you to a style that ranges from playful to inescapably domineering.

For the adult baby who needs to be fully regressed (by force, if necessary) to a helpless infant state by Mommy, Auntie, Governess or Nurse, what could be better than a full stock of extra thick, extra absorbent white flannel and cotton diapers, as well as disposable diapers that fit all sizes. Plastic pants in a variety of colors and beautiful sissy baby dresses, onesies, bonnets, and booties are a must for any nursery wardrobe. Activities for special little ones may include bottle-feeding, story time, bath time, play time with baby’s favorite toys, medical examinations, and specialized infant discipline.

For those who wish to remain in their adult selves, diapering offers a devastatingly kinky variety of play options. Consider the erotic embarrassment of the "incontinent" boyfriend or spouse made to endure the embarrassment of diapering, the water sports enthusiast, or the sensationalist who loves the look and snug feel of layered plastic pants. Diaper dominance is powerful because it is taboo: It is an activity clearly shameful in adults, and for this reason it can be a source of deeply erotic kinky play.