Learn your lesson.


Domestic Discipline enthusiasts are a special breed. My entrance into kinky play came by way of an early passion for spanking and traditional domestic role-play. Private explorations with organizations like Shadow Lane and spanking circles around the country introduced me to a group of people whose devotion to the proper administration of punishment demonstrated an extraordinary attention to detail and a love of traditional images of strict control and proper correction.

What’s kinky about domestic discipline is the eroticization of everyday objects and settings: a hairbrush retrieved from Mother’s purse; a wooden ruler from the teacher’s desk; your Aunt’s heavy wooden spoon; the school nurse’s discipline paddle. Many people are drawn to age play, which offers a distinctly grown-up retreat into the carelessness (and powerlessness) of childhood. Punishable offenses may range from possession of contraband (chewing gum, a pack of Lucky Strikes, an inappropriate magazine) to being caught red-handed in Mother’s panty drawer. Others appreciate the ritual of role-play but prefer to remain in their adult selves when receiving discipline. And still others love spanking for the pure, passionate sensation of spanking.

I devote special areas of Maison de la Maitresse to traditional domestic discipline, free from any form of dungeon apparatus, decorated in traditional 1950s fashion with light, breezy colors and fully stocked with the finest wooden hairbrushes, paddles, straps, switches, and canes. I have a personal fetish for retro-fashion and I collect period dresses, aprons, and foundation garments, which capture the essence of traditional female strength and beauty.

A bar of Ivory soap. A straight-backed chair. Corner time. And the no-nonsense approach of a woman who understands how to take you fully in hand. Are you ready to learn your lesson?