I'm glad you asked...


I am not a sex professional and do not allow any direct sexual contact in my sessions.

I do not offer instruction in any style of play that I consider unsafe, nor do I offer instruction in areas of BDSM that fall outside of my personal interest or expertise. This includes but is not limited to: fecal play, humiliation or degradation, and wrestling.

While I do not enjoy play that is humiliating or degrading, I am fond of erotic embarrassment, vulnerability, and exposure, and am happy to introduce you to this style of play.

While I am a lifestyle member of the BDSM community, please do not contact me for a personal relationship or personal service. These needs are well met.

I am available for telephone consultation, and welcome you to e-mail or call me for details. I am not available for postal training.

I love to travel, and frequently visit New York. To be added to my New York Mailing List and receive updates on my travel schedule, send an e-mail to nyclist <at> mistressmorgana <dot> com.

With advance notice, I can arrange for additional dominas or submissive demonstration models join us during our session.

I specialize in working with couples. My only requirement for heterosexual couples is that the female partner speak with me personally to arrange the session.

I enjoy and cater to overnight sessions with partners I have an established play relationship with.

I am happy to arrange customized classes and private instruction for individuals, couples and groups. Visit the SM Education page for more information.


Please be aware of the following boundaries before contacting me:

I do not approach SM from a place of pathology: that is to say, I am not interested in engaging in physically or emotionally damaging activities, inflicting permanent marks, playing without a safeword, or otherwise violating the bounds of consent. I expect anyone who contacts me to share this mindset.

I am not a female supremacist and am not interested in goddess worship.

I do not practice traditional SM "slavery" for reasons rooted in my own understanding of and respect for history. I take service very seriously, but choose not to apply terms like "slave training" to my practice of dominance.