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I teach people how to fully express their kinky desires without shame, and empower them with the language and skills necessary to negotiate loving and lasting kink-positive relationships.

Whether you’re just coming to terms with your own interest in kink, want to communicate better with your partner(s), or are looking to bring a new level of intensity and intimacy to your sex life, Kink Consultancy can provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to navigate the tricky terrain of alternative sexuality.

I come to Kink Consultancy with over two decades of experience in human sexuality education. I’m Ivy League educated, with an undergraduate degree in Ethnic Studies, as well as Master’s and Doctorate degrees in psychology specializing in sexual development and health.

I specialize in working with individuals who are just coming out about their own interest in kink and looking to form healthy play relationships with others, as well as couples and poly relationships looking to deepen their involvement in kink.

My Kink Consultation clients include individuals, couples, and poly relationships who are committed to their self-care and authentic sexual expression, and interested in bringing a sense of playfulness and adventure to their erotic lives. Many of my Kink Consultation clients describe deeply held, life-long fantasies that they’ve struggled to share with a partner, others describe stepping toward BDSM to meet the needs of someone they love, while still others are simply curious, adventurous, or inspired by pop culture or literature.

I offer kink consultation in person, over the telephone, or via Skype.

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