There's a first time for everything.


I encourage inquiry from sincere novices, and have a great appreciation for the level of trust and bravery required from anyone just "coming out" about their interest in kink. I believe it's crucial that your introduction to kinky play occurs in a way that fosters a sense of safety and respect, while still demonstrating the intensity of experience to be encountered. I'm saddened by the number of potentially wonderful play partners who never realize their full potential because of a bad initial exposure to BDSM play. New players in BDSM sometimes rush to their fantasies without proper consideration of the negotiation and skill required to make them happen, while others feel paralyzed by a sense of shame or a concern for safety.

It's important that you be discerning when deciding to explore BDSM, and that you seek out quality instruction from a reputable source. I love facilitating the power of kink in the lives of those who visit me, and am generous with my energy and expertise. If you are new to BDSM, I suggest that you read this site thoroughly and develop a language to describe your interests and limits before contacting me, so that our conversation can be as productive as possible. I am pleased to offer training sessions for individuals, couples, or groups who are interested in exploring kinky play through instruction.