The eyes, the hands, the senses that only women have. There is no mockery between women. One lies down at peace as on one´s own breast...

Anaïs Nin, House of Incest


So much of the professional BDSM arena seems focused on the interests of submissive men that it is difficult to find that special niche dedicated to realizing your fantasies of dominance and submission. I place a premium on the time I spend with women in my dungeon in my personal as well as my professional play life. I'm uniquely in touch with our sensuality, our bodies, and the special ways we respond to pleasure and pain.

Whether you are lesbian/bi/dyke/queer/transgender identified or simply have the desire to learn from a lifestyle dominant, I invite you to call me for a one-on-one discussion of your desires in dominance and submission. My dungeon doors are always open to naughty girls and kinky ladies in need of a powerful hand or some gentle guidance.

I also specialize in dominance training for women of all gender expressions and experience levels, including specific skills building, dominant entitlement training, mentorship opportunities, and professional development for women entering the field of professional dominance.